The Goodness of Cow’s Milk

No drugs/ drug metabolites in our milk

Naturally disease resistant Gir Breed of cattle used for milk production

Our Gir cattle are fed with organically grown fodder (grown by Hydroponics) – so our milk is 100% Organic

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Why Choose Us

The milk other brands in the market offer are processed with chemicals and additives that are harmful to the body. This is done to increase the volume of milk and for a longer shelf life. In addition, other drugs are administered in the cattle feed to ward off infestation. This might help sterilize the plants, but it still damages the nutrients in the milk and is hazardous to one’s health, especially infants and young children. We, at the Organic Gir Cow farm have set our standards in making a product that is pure and naturally produced. A product you can trust, that does not have any unnatural additives. We deliver you the goodness of milk in its best natural state. Also, our Gir Breed of cattle are highly disease resistant and are able to produce high quality milk.  We make sure to use the best responsible and sustainable farming practice that is environment friendly.

  • Our top most priority is to produce healthy organic milk of high quality to satisfy our customers.
  • We take pride in our product and the fact that we don’t use any food enhancing drugs or chemicals in our products.
  • We offer the highest quality products along with the best possible service.
  • Milk from Organic Gir Cow farm is pure in taste.
  •  Milk that is stored less than 4°C retains its properties for 18 days from the time it is manufactured. Milk from our farm is chilled at 2°C within one hour ensuring maximum preservation of nutrients and it remains at the same temperature till it reaches consumers.