The Goodness of Cow’s Milk

No drugs/ drug metabolites in our milk

Naturally disease resistant Gir Breed of cattle used for milk production

Our Gir cattle are fed with organically grown fodder (grown by Hydroponics) – so our milk is 100% Organic

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Milk Charecteristics and Advantages

In today’s scenario, most milk is processed from crossbreed cows that are originally part of a breed of wild animals.  Many animals including the native cows of India were cross bred with each other to produce the modern day hybrid cows. Although the main aim was for meat production, most of these foreign breeds of cows are used greatly to produce dairy products.  Unfortunately, the milk from these breeds of cows are not directly used for consumption as they contain harmful chemicals. This is because the cows are not fed with healthy organic food but food that have contaminated chemical fertilizers. The nutritional value of the milk is lost while pasteurizing and most of the nutrients and active enzymes are destroyed whicht is a major cause for many known diseases.

In the case of regular milk, milk is collected from farmers and supplied to collection centers which takes about 4-5 hours. Then it is sent to chilling centers and from there to the frosting & processing unit. While this process takes almost 10-12 days, many preservatives, soda and antibiotics are added to the milk for a longer shelf life.  By the time the milk is packed, supplied and consumed by households, many nutrients present in the milk are already destroyed making it less healthy than organic milk. Also, many drugs and pesticides are present in the feed of dairy cattle that shows up in the milk the cows produce.  These antibiotics, hormones and other synthetic chemical compounds lead to unhealthy production of milk which contains less nutrients and is not organic.

At the Organic Gir Cow farm, we ensure that we deliver 100% natural farm fresh milk by using the latest in technology for the efficient production of hygienically packed milk, in its most natural form.

Our process is more simplified by the use of ‘Hydrophonic’ technology. Farming, milking and milk frosting  is all undertaken at one place. This saves time and ensures efficient delivery of milk that is fresh and organic. Organic Milk is distributed within 24-48 hours of production which ensures the delivery of fresh farm milk.  Also, the cows are well fed with clean, nutritious and unprocessed foods to produce A2 milk that has the potential to enhance the immune system, fight against diseases and disorders such as joint pain, obesity and asthma. This milk also contains high levels of Omega 3 that regulates the blood vessels. The farm is only allowed to feed the cattle with certified organic feed which is more natural and healthy thereby producing healthier milk. These cows are also kept free from any use of antibiotics and milk is also routinely tested to ensure that no antibiotic content is present. Cow’s feed is also organically grown without pesticides supporting sustainable farming practices. This natural diet of foods helps produce nutrient-rich milk for consumption.