The Goodness of Cow’s Milk

No drugs/ drug metabolites in our milk

Naturally disease resistant Gir Breed of cattle used for milk production

Our Gir cattle are fed with organically grown fodder (grown by Hydroponics) – so our milk is 100% Organic

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Over the past years, the Organic Gir Cow farm has steadily grown due to its consistent performance that is marked by innovation and utmost dedication to produce the healthiest premium milk. Keeping in pace with latest technological advancements, at the Organic Gir Cow we have adopted the ‘Hydrophonic Technology’ to grow healthy, nutritious feed for cows unlike the conventional open field agriculture that is widely used by most of the farmers.

What is it?
Hydroponics is a technology used for growing plants in nutrient solutions such as water and fertilizers without the use of soil. The plants are grown indoors in a greenhouse where adequate amount of water and nutrients are supplied. Hydrophonic (CEA) Controlled Environment Agriculture has proved to provide numerous advantages over regular soil farming.
These include:

  • High-density and maximum crop yield: Plants receive extra oxygen when grown hydroponically that helps stimulate root growth. This in turn helps the roots absorb nutrients faster. Hydroponic plants are known to grow 50 % faster than plants that grow in the soil under the same conditions. The environment also can easily be adjusted according to the need.  As the plants grow faster and earlier than soil based counterparts, they produce maximum yield in return.
  • As they are grown in a protective greenhouse under controlled temperatures, the outside weather has no impact on these plants. Be it hot summer or a rainy week, these plants are grown consistently. The water and nutrients can be reused many times and the problem of topsoil erosion is evaded.
  • Hydroponic plants are also healthier. As soil is not used, there are no weed problems, no bug infestations, diseases or funguses. No pesticides are necessary for use, producing the healthiest plants for cow feed.
  • Also, high degree of management skills are maintained for successful production.
Why is it important?

Depending on the stage of development, plants require specific nutrients to grow, reproduce and remain healthy.  Hydroponically grown plants absorb nutrients it needs  and have access to these nutrients when required unlike soil grown plants that have to search for nutrients, unless they are mixed with the soil. In addition, most of the nutrients are easily washed away during the rain. Through this technology, we at the Organic Gir Cow farm are able to avoid poor development and stunted growth of feed required for cows. This way, our Gir Cows are fed with only the purest and vigorous feed to produce quality healthy milk. This makes it distinct from regular milk, where cows graze chemically fertilized feed in turn affecting the milk. This is why farmers add preservatives to the milk, unlike in our case, natural farm fresh milk is produced as the cows graze naturally certified organic feed that is unprocessed and pure.