The Goodness of Cow’s Milk

No drugs/ drug metabolites in our milk

Naturally disease resistant Gir Breed of cattle used for milk production

Our Gir cattle are fed with organically grown fodder (grown by Hydroponics) – so our milk is 100% Organic

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Disadvantages of Homogenization

The process of breaking up the fat globules into small particles in milk is known as homogenization. This ensures that the milk is integrated relatively than separated as cream. When the milk has cream, it is not homogenized.  

  • Being a physical process, the fat globules in milk are too rapidly absorbed when homogenized. This increases the antibody response relating to many common heart diseases.  
  • Proteins present in milk that could be digested in the stomach are not broken down as they are absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Milk that is homogenized cannot be efficiently separated and is not suitable for production of other dairy products like cheese.
  • Homogenized milk also directly interacts with the body’s hormones that can lead to cancer and other high rates of heart diseases. 
  • This version of milk includes less flavour and possibly could damage free radicals that help the body against premature aging. 
  • The process is also known to destroy many nutrients and other valuable organisms in the milk.