The Goodness of Cow’s Milk

No drugs/ drug metabolites in our milk

Naturally disease resistant Gir Breed of cattle used for milk production

Our Gir cattle are fed with organically grown fodder (grown by Hydroponics) – so our milk is 100% Organic

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About GIR Cow

The Gir is a breed of cows that date back to almost 5000 years as one of the prime Zebu breed cows. This breed originated in the Gir forest region and surrounding districts in the state of Gujarat. Moderate to a large size breed, Girs are considered to be the most gentle of the Zebu breeds. It is known for its distinct appearance, weight and height that makes it different from the Jersey cows and other cows. Noted for its milk producing qualities, the Gir cow is resistant to tropical diseases and hot temperatures.

Rated amongst the best dairy breeds in the world, the Gir cow has gone global with a rise in demand for this breed in many African and Southeast Asian countries. For a long period of time, the dairy  industry had focused on buffalo’s milk as a major contributor resulting the in the decrease of the Gir breed. Today, this breed is on the verge of extinction due to irrational crossbreeding and lack of proper breeding programs.  Nevertheless, efforts are being made to create awareness in saving this high-quality breed of Gujarat.
Being a world-renowned breed, the Gir is able to survive and produce in a difficult environment. It is resistant to various tropical diseases and also has the capacity to yield more milk while feeding less. It also has been imported and bred successfully in many other countries.